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Promotional Event At Workplace - How To Take It Forward

Though all companies set it as a standard, our corporate life of target and office pressure don’t let us have real feel of fun at work. Employees

Why should one invest in Coworking Shared Office Spaces

We are well versed with India being one the fastest developing economy in the world and amongst them is Mumbai. The city of dreams or the city that

Amazing venues to
host your events

Your way to perfect workplace

Looking for a new office and not sure which is better, A Traditional Lease or a flexible workspace? In a dilemma regarding the cost is better? If .....

The X factor for efficient working

An office is a place where one has to work with many people and needs to get along with them and their habits too. To avoid becoming a nuisance for.....

Divided we stand - one for all.

Divided we stand, all for one.

At Redbrick Offices, we encourage our members, teams and visitors to our coworking spaces.....

Kalpataru Prime Wagle Industrial Estate Thane Our Newly Opened Centre

Beginning up Coworking space is hard-working work. Most Coworking spaces really take a while to end up clearly beneficial business houses, hence as.....

On Demand Private Meeting Rooms and Presentation Space

Yes! Brilliant big ideas are born and often comes to us in car, during walk, or even when we are drifting off to sleep but, concepts are sold only .....

Creating a community calls for a selection of coworking office space

If you want to create interaction and have an active community in your coworking office space, then you will have to select your clients/partners/v.....

Reason why Corporates are opting for Coworking space

Coworking spaces especially work around the concept of leasing office infrastructure and resources to individuals or groups of people, mostly on a .....

4 things you must consider when choosing a coworking space

Coworking is almost synonymous with startups, in India and around the world. But I think that anyone needing an office space, should be coworking. .....

Coworking is not cheap, it is affordable luxury

Coworking is the need of the hour, but why is it expected to be cheap?

Along with several thousand startups, SMEs and freelancers, even c.....