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Redbrick's presence in Bangalore continues to Expand and embrace futuristic Growth!

Highly productive, beautifully designed, managed workspaces in Grade A buildings across Bangalore.

Prestige Summit, CBD

Rmz Ecoworld, Outer Ring Road

Prestige Tech Park, Outer Ring Road

Prestige Tristar, Mg Road

Bangalore Snapshot

Bangalore’s talent pool, entrepreneurial spirit, startup culture, and availability of high-quality commercial and IT complexes have earned it the reputation of being the Silicon Valley of India.

Net Inward Migration

  • 709 sq km,Garden City
  • Pleasant Climate, Technological Hub
  • Developing Infrastructure, Rising Living Costs

Supportive Demography

  • Tech-Savvy Population
  • Large Influx of IT Professionals
  • Consistently High Quality of Living Rankings

Resilient Diverse Economy

  • Silicon Valley of India
  • IT/ITES Dominance
  • Emerging in Biotech and Aerospace

Superior Talent Pool

  • Educational Hub, IT Institutes
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Blend of Modernity and Tradition

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