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Organizations now wish to permanently shift to a “work from home” concept. Does that pose a threat to the co-working or managed office spaces?

The strike of Covid evidently changed the mindset of how employees need to function. Although some prefered working from home, some still chose to make an appearance at the office.

Top WFH pitfalls:

  • Distractions: Kids, the doorbell, the 56” Smart TV, the new season of Money Heist.
  • Comfort: Your bed, dining table or sofa may not be conducive to comfort/productivity.
  • Work timings: Difficult to maintain work schedule, a tendency to overwork or slack off
  • Motivation: Working alone can be demotivating, ask any lone startup founder
  • Loneliness: Lack of social connection was one of the reasons why coworking started
  • Communication: Coffee-station chats and ease of communication with peers is missed
  • Technology: Unreliable Internet, access to proprietary systems or tools.
  • Health: Stay at home can lead to sedentary lifestyle & impact health negatively

How things might work….

  • Begin your day by messaging colleagues via social media.
  • Participate in daily or weekly group videocalls with colleagues.
  • Maintain contact with clients and business partners via email and phone.
  • Provide regular updates to colleagues throughout the day.
  • Wrap up the day via messaging apps and report progress to your team leader.

ZOOM +300%
Online meetings; >100,000

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