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Grade A+ Workspace on S.B. Road, Pune

Shivajinagar in Pune, is a bustling commercial area that offers a favourable environment for businesses. Redbrick Pavillion not only benefits from a central location, but is also adjacent to one of the best malls (Pavillion Mall) and the best hotels (JW Marriott) in Pune. Accessible through all parts of the city, the area is extremely popular for businesses looking to setup their Pune and India HQ, boasting the likes of Druva, Slack, iCertis and several other marquee Pune based companies. Pavillion is a building that companies aspire to call their office address.

Our Amenities


  • Location:Heart of SB Road.
  • Easy access to the highway and Pune city.
  • Most desirable location with great social infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Quality Internet: Dedicated 1MB/seat.
  • Wired and WiFi.
  • Tier-1 suppliers.
  • 3x redundant.

Building Key Features

  • Top Grade A commercial building by Pannchil Group.
  • Part of a 2.2 million luxury development with JW Marriott, international convention center, and a prominent mall.
  • Collaborative approach with clients to design workspaces reflecting their style, culture, and identity
  • Custom-built offices with access to shared amenities and spaces
  • Dynamic workspace with key features, including three super offices, 12 ready-to-move offices
    Measures in place for a productive and safe work environment.
    Procurement options from in-house fixtures or a large supplier network

Redbrick Offices Certification

  • Compliance with rules, regulations, licenses, HSA, and ESG standards.

Social Spaces

  • Food court, coffee shops, retail spaces, gardens, and various amenities
  • Coffee shops
  • Retail Spaces
  • Garden
  • Fitness centre
  • Podium garden
  • Meeting rooms
  • Phone booths
  • Cafeterias
  • Grand receprtion & waiting areas
  • Custom built enterprise offices with shared amenities
  • Tech enabled offices

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