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The most sought after address in Hyderabad's Hitec City

Nexity is strategically positioned in Hyderabad, at the crossroads of two major 45m wide roads and an 18m road to the north. It enjoys close proximity to HITEC City, the primary business hub of major IT and ITES companies in Hyderabad. With Nexity, RMZ has created an indelible mark on Hyderabad’s urban landscape, creating a futuristic Office Park. The. thoughtful design integration of the landscaped parks, and sculpture gardens, bio ponds and water features, Activated Social and Green lobbies providing a welcoming experience to its members, enabling its members to celebrate a productive and. successful work-play culture as a whole. Redbrick matches impressive exteriors with interior designs that inspire, our space are created to elevate the commercial office experience.

World Class Sustainability and Design


  • Close proximity to HITEC City, the business hub of major IT and ITES companies in Hyderabad
  • Well-connected to central parts of the city and the RGI airport
  • Positioned at the crossroads of two major 45 m wide roads and an 18m road to the north
  • Nexity is also walking distance to the Hitec City Metro Station

Sustainability Credentials

  • Gold LEED certification targeted
  • WELL certification targeted
  • Targeted savings of 25% energy saving initiatives including Solar power installation
  • 100% waste water recycling
  • 90% Waste diverted from landfill
  • 3.3 Acres (33%) of Green spaces

Social Spaces

  • Activated social and green lobbies
  • Sculpture gardens
  • Bio pond water features
  • Welcoming experience for members
  • Culinary and Retail experiences
  • Wellness spaces and art installations

Building Key Features

  • Extensive landscaped areas
  • Water conservation practices
  • Efficient central core design
  • Advanced management system
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Use of low VOC materials
  • Double-glazed facade to reduce heat and glare
  • Use of renewable materials

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