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Compliances & Certifications

Building Trust Through Standards

The Blueprint for a Better Tomorrow

Adherence to industry standards and certifications is crucial in construction and building management for safety, quality, and sustainability. From duct construction to health, safety, and environmental certifications, every aspect ensures compliance with global best practices, reflecting a commitment to excellence.

Compliances & Certifications

Duct construction standards as per relevant BIS Codes & SMACNA Standards

Building Traffic Management for Lifts & Staircases

Motors, Cabling, wiring and Accessories as per BIS Codes

Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems for New Age Smart Buildings

Portable Fire Extinguishers of type BC and ABC type shall be Distributed in entire floor plate.

Building Certifications IGBC, LEED, GREEN

Health, Safety & Wellness Planning

ISO 9001 : Quality Management

ISO 14001 : Environmental Management Systems

ISO 22301: Business Continuity
(Disaster Mgmt.)

ISO 31000 : Risk Management

ISO 45001 : Occupational Health &
Safety Management

ISO 50001 : Energy Management

ISO 27001 : Information Security

Embracing compliance with industry standards and certifications is not merely a legal obligation but a testament to our commitment to excellence. By prioritizing safety, quality, and sustainability, we pave the way for resilient and future-ready built environments.