An office is a place where one has to work with many people and needs to get along with them and their habits too. To avoid becoming a nuisance for everybody else and to cope up with those disturbing minds, it’s crucial to learn the healthy way of working and getting along with everyone. This can be fulfilled only in a place where one not just gets the right environment to work but also a corner for itself.

Working Together
Working together with everyone happily is not an easy job. It is much difficult to get along with everyone around and meet your own deadlines on time. Sometimes we do get delayed to complete our work because of that other person who is sitting next to you.

Those disturbing things
• Loud and disturbing voices
• Messy communal areas
• Intruding personalities
• Disturbance from others cell phones
• That temperature changes to the AC
• Use of foul words and language

What we all do when we experience such things at our workplace.
We either revert back in the same way
Cut off ourselves from everyone
Curse the office and sometimes ourselves

Seeking Privacy in shared place
We always seek for that special corner for ourselves where we can be our self among others. Etiquettes are another thing that we expect in a shared workplace.
But while detailing this all we forget that giving and taking goes hand in hand. When we expect something from others we should not forget to give them the same. If we expect others to speak politely then we must also follow the same. So does goes in all cases.

Solution to all this
A healthy working environment which will provide a special place to everyone.

Know RedBricks
RedBricks is a company which not only provides a flexible and cost effective workplace but also a more dynamic, fulfilling and nurturing environment to work. Not only this, but it also gives a customised workplace which can be easily changed as per one’s requirement in future.
A place where one would want to come daily.

RedBricks has its presence in 3 cities as of now but seeks expansion in the coming future. Presently it has its offices in Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad with major offices in Mumbai.

RedBricks doesn’t just provide that old accustomed offices. It has much more to offer from open workspace to virtual office. Besides these two types, it also has served corporate, large companies and private offices.
Basically, RedBricks provides a vibrant workplace which in turn provides a growing and welcoming working environment where every face is a happy face.
Keeping its vision of providing a feasible work environment RedBricks really bridges the gap among the coworkers thus enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the business all under one roof.