Conventional corporate space available for Rent-Lease by Redbrickoffices

Your HQ as a Service

Finding, building and managing your own office takes large upfront expense and precious management time. Let us save you both with our Enterprise product: bespoke, built-to-suit floors (200+ seats) or entire buildings (500+ seats). We help you find, secure and acquire Grade A real estate, fit it out to your standards and specifications, and ultimately manage the entire office.

Key Features
200-1000+ seats| Acquire, Build-out, Operate | All inclusive or piecemeal packages.

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Ultimate bespoke flexibility

We got the basics covered, so you needn’t worry about paying utility bills, or getting Internet connections. You can purchase packages for meeting rooms hours or printing.

    • Leverage our expertise, buying power, and speed to get your HQ in record time, zero pilferage and all standards followed
    • Deal with Redbrick, across cities/countries/regions.
    • Ready-to-use additional/occasional spaces for new teams • Satellite offices in any city in India
    • Upsize, Resize, Change Location, Staggered growth
    • Whatever you need, we have a solution



A quick, move-in ready workspace that's good to go from day one. Your teams will enjoy all of Redbrick's signature designs and amenities-ideal for occasional/additional spaces or satellite offices.


A hands-on approach in creating a space that meets your specific business needs. From production studios, to healthcare labs, a Datacenter to a design studio, our in-house teams of architects and designers will work with you to create the office space if your dreams.


Yes! All our members are welcome to use open collaborative areas in any of our centres across India. You can also book a meeting room in any centre as well, and enjoy member rates.
Why not! If you move home, and need to work out of a office closer to home, you can. But, prices may vary by location.
Yes, like most other businesses, we have to take a security deposit to cover again damanges/ unpaid bills. This ranges from one month, to 6 months depending on your deal.
Yes, of course - please do register them at the front desk. Regular guests may need to start paying towards a seat if we notice they’re always around!
Typically, we would require at least a one-month notice before you move out. If you decide to leave, we will be sad - but we can’t stop you, we deduct your dues from the security deposit.
Redbrick Offices come with high quality furniture, ergonomic chairs, solid wood desks and access to storage. We provide super-fast, dedicated Internet (wired and WiFi) to all our members. Refreshments are provided for free, and there are chargeable options as well. You also have access to meeting/conference rooms, a business class printer/scanner, unique exciting events, and a host of add-on amenities. With private offices, you can bring your own printer/scanner if you want.