Redbrick Offices

A flexible and customizable workspace solution with fully furnished offices, complete business support services and meeting and conferencing room facilities that enable our clients to run their businesses without incurring massive start up costs and over head expenses. We have simplified and easy process of you accepting the terms and coinditions along with commercials, which enables you to become our client without having to Engage lawyers or incur stamp duties. Further-more you will not incur capital expenses on the renovation or purchase of a fax machine, copier or internet connections everything is provided by us. You only need to walk in and tell us your requirement. We will cater to your requirements in the best possible manner.

Serviced offices are ready to move in space with the plug-n-play facility. The serviced offices minimize your time consuming process of setting up and configuring your workspace. The benefits of serviced office over the traditional office are:

  • Ready to Move-In Space
  • No initial financial outlay
  • Optimum space utilization
  • Administrative support
  • Savings on manpower costs
  • Flexibility for your expansion needs
  • No extra cost for maintenance charges
  • Less Paper formalities
  • Savings on legal expenses

Strategic location in the central business district and close proximity to transportation and amenities.

  • Image and reputation of the building
  • Over all first impression of the facility
  • Flexibility of office space arrangement
  • Reliability of the serviced office provider and their clientele profile.
  • Quality and efficiency of the facility and equipments
  • Attentiveness and professionalism of staff
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of general facilities

It can be anything from 1 to 100+. Our serviced offices are cost-effective and can comfortably accommodate people as per your requirement. The workspaces are modular and are designed to accommodate any team size. The user can choose to upsize or downsize easily, hence saving on redundancies. We will allow you to reconfigure your office layout as well keeping in mind our design standards. We assist you in planning your space requirements and all reconfigurations jobs and present costs for your approval wherever and however necessary.

Our offices are fully equipped to meet your specific needs. We offer you a wide range of services including premium modular furniture, high-speed internet connection, digital voice and conference phones, full staffed reception areas, admin support, and a fully stocked pantry area etc. However, if you wish to use your own furniture and equipment, we can make arrangements that allow you to do the same.

No start up costs such as interior design, office fit out, office furniture, equipment, and agency fee
No cost for hiring, training or employing administrative support staff
Sizeable savings or rental deposits
Access to extensive facilities without investments in additional space (conference rooms, lounge area, pantry area, facility areas etc)
The charges are levied on a per person basis & the rent depends upon the size of your office & the duration of your stay. The following are included in your monthly rent – use of the office, building maintenance, cleaning, water, power charges, air-conditioning charges, reception staff, peons, furniture, etc.
There are no hidden costs. The incidentals like internet & communication costs, pantry usage and administrative support are charged as per a services tariff card agreed upon before signing the contract. Detailed invoices are provided every month, hence leaving absolutely no scope for ambiguity.

Our business apart from providing serviced offices also provides, Virtual offices, meeting & conference rooms, video conferencing facilities, business lounges. As our client you have at your disposal:

  • A professional motivated office support team – at your service but not at your payroll.
  • A prestigious CBD business address for your business cards, letterheads and promotional materials.
  • The most up to date IT and Telecommunications infrastructure.

Our centers are flexible and therefore make it easy to accommodate your company's expansion and changing requirements. We though shall be happy to have some prior notice, so that we can program your requirement to be met to the fullest.

Access to all Centres is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reception and switchboard are staffed Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm

Our meeting rooms are cost-effective and tailored to meet your needs. Whether it is a standard meeting room, training room, conference room or board room, we have got you covered. The meeting room support staff ensures that our meeting rooms portray a professional environment, free from hassles of a busy office or hotel, so you can focus on your business

Our Centres are located at prime multiple locations. The key benefits are:

  • Easy to book.
  • Professional environment to host the formal meetings.
  • No paper formalities.
  • Pay as per use.
  • Pantry Services/Catering Services on request.
  • All the desired information is interactive and available on your mobile and our website.
  • Its easy to pay options. The payments can be made through web and registration details used to access the centre for the booking made.

Also, these rooms are equipped with internet connectivity, conference call facility, high-end audio-visual equipment and video-conferencing facility.

You can come on our website select the meeting room / serviced office of whatever product desired by you and pay for it on the website and use the registration details/codes for accessing our facilities for the dates booked.
You can also contact us through the phone and make a booking
We are also available on our channel partner websites like Just dial, Magicbricks etc. so if you happen to be looking for office space on there websites, you can make a booking and you shall be directed to our payment gateway

Yes our onsite support team will ensure your suite is set up exactly how you need it so you can focus on work. We can also provide any secretarial or business support that you might need. So if you would rather leave the conference minutes to someone else or need some last minute photocopying done we are here to help. We'll also greet your guests, print, bind and laminate documents, take phone messages and organize couriers and taxis. Also, these rooms are equipped with internet connectivity, conference call facility, high-end audio-visual equipment and video-conferencing facility.

We at our business keep things completely transparent and completely clear and understandable for all the clients. All terms and conditions are completely explained in all our communications (like agreements etc) which all clients accept beforehand to undertake our services.