Looking for a new office and not sure which is better, A Traditional Lease or a flexible workspace? In a dilemma regarding the cost is better? If you are looking for a direct answer to your question, you are at the wrong place. You are the only person who best knows what you need and which option is the most suitable for you. But don’t worry, we will be providing you with all the information you may need to make the most plausible decision.

Let us now take a look at the various pros and cons in this matter: 1. Traditional leases may have an additional attraction with the sense of security it offers, but on the other hand, procuring a flexible workspace is as easy as switching on the internet and visiting redbricksoffice.com. Also, the facilities provided are an added appeal.

2. Next looking at traditional leases, maintenance may be an issue as it is all on you, whether you do it yourself, have your staff help you out or hire some more staff for your odd jobs which unless you are involved with some long running large scale financially well-built company, it may be a bit hard to do it all. On the other hand with the packages we offer here at redbrickoffices.com, it is all included in the monthly rental fee which makes it a more affordable option. Also, we provide you with a lot of other facilities such as cctv's, wifi's and a properly furnace co-working environment.

3. Finding the right place for the job may be a bit hectic as well. Finding the lift-out company agents, lawyers to your aid, the long hours of negotiations, hauntings, till you finally get a place to your satisfaction. But instead, a flexible workplace is easy to find, affordable and easy on its part compared to the traditional leases. Also, it helps you set up your business with grandeur on short notice and you also find the right place for you with the help of our service.

FLEXIBLE AUTHORITIES IN SIGNATURE: Now, you know of almost the things that you need to know in order to aid your decision. So, are you still having any doubts whether you will be saving money on flexible offices or will you be losing it? Let us help you. The business rates are dependent on your business scale and size. Also the location matters. But trust me it won’t get any better for traditional leases. Depending on your facility packages the service charge will vary. It mostly includes security, cleaning, management resources, and cctv or air conditioning services. IT services may cost extra.

Hopefully we have all your doubts properly cleared and have succeeded in aiding your choice.

Now that we have provided all informing wisely, let us ask you, Traditional Lease or Flexible workplace?

The decision is yours and so is the workplace. Choose wisely.

For further queries: contact us at hello@redbrickoffices.com