We are well versed with India being one the fastest developing economy in the world and amongst them is Mumbai. The city of dreams or the city that never sleeps! But has it been put forth that how expensive surviving in such city is. Economy completely relates to the finances of a country and thus is completely related to the earning sector. In such an economic structure establishing a new office or even a temporary one—can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour. To deal with this today’s business sector is adapting itself to a new cost- cutting technique ¬– Sharing Office Space!

Let it be a start-up or an organization with a long foothold in the market; sharing office space is an ideal choice which provide with an competitive environment. Shared office spaces offer many benefits and here are to list a few:

Resources By sharing an office space one actually is suing their resources to their maximum consumption limit.

Belonging Usually over a time the employees associated with an organisation get attached to the belongings of a company. Shared office space over rules this aspect and does not affect the employees.

xpense It eliminates the expense that a company/ individual might have to bear if they would had preferred to buy a new property.

Risk Sharing It is beneficial for risk relate to the overall infrastructure as the risk gets shared.

Security Shared office spaces are already well sophisticated with the technologically advanced products like Bio-metric entrance or Key card access; which reduces the stress of intruders and provides a secure environment.

Flexibility The individual can themselves decide and choose appropriately to lease a property as per needs. The other trend which compliments such trend is “CO-Working!” Co-working is an innovative alternative againstthe practice of sharing an office with random strangers rather than working by yourself at home which has advantages that would amaze you! Also we have answer for “Why should one invest in co-working?”

  • elps in expansion of network without affecting work.
  • Enhances productivity due to company of committed, enthusiastic workers.
  • Eliminates the feeling of isolation.
  • Reduces self-doubts over Freelancing or Working from home.
  • Enhances interaction and mixing up with the community.
  • Creates opportunities to collaborate with projects through own referrals and research.
  • Increases personal creativity and ideas through diversified observations and understandings
  • Reduces the cost of common office overheads like broadband or printer.
  • Provides more mobility and least commitment against lease.
  • Enhances the standard of workplace and so of your lifestyle.
  • Reduces pressure and stress while also keeps an individual up with timeliness. The business individuals can think of commercial office spaces which are purely designed for taking ahead business which is more in expensive as compared to co-working or shared space but it does provide with complete ownership and investments.