Yes! Brilliant big ideas are born and often comes to us in car, during walk, or even when we are drifting off to sleep but, concepts are sold only in the environment that facilitates brainstorming. To present or pitch the concepts and ideas you still require professional ambience. We @RedBrick Offices Coworking space understand your needs, hence we have designed to cater to your growth demand sophisticated well equipped on demand private meeting rooms.Whether your Company is a startup or your business is in its growing stage Redbrick offices Coworking space offers you with on demand private meeting rooms with latest business technology professional environment at your figure tips.Yes! You got it right, Book when you want on demand well equipped sophisticated private Meeting Rooms/ Board Rooms/ Training Rooms/Presentation Rooms/ with high speed internet/ office stationery/ internet connectivity, video conferencing and many more facilities.

We @RedBrickOffices provide you with well equipped workspace without any overhead cost any commitments, and without breaking the budget.

How does it work?

You just need to book your boardroom on our toll free no 1800 120 9088 or drop request on email. Boardrooms are basically ideal place for teams, startups or individual who may not want to or have office space of their own. …So folks! Take advantage of all the resources and enhance your business opportunity with On Demand Private Meeting Rooms and Presentation Space only @