Beginning up Coworking space is hard-working work. Most Coworking spaces really take a while to end up clearly beneficial business houses, hence as per the 2017 Global Coworking Survey, just 40% of coworking space proprietors view their organizations as rewarding

Knowing these difficulties, you might ask why we chose to hop into the coworking spaces. While there are a lot of buzzes which highlights the blast of enthusiasm for young entrepreneurs, we’re very much aware of the challenge. Thus, we continued building our pool resources and vision the correct way (or what we believed was the correct way) and we opened our entryways in September of 2016. Starting today, we’re cheerful to share our vision, by which we stand at 90% capacity and are already turning a profit. We’ll share our insights of knowledge and what we assume are essential things to consider to get straight down to business when we opened our co-working space known KALPATARU PRIME located in the heart of the THANE’S Central business district WAGLE ESTATE..

We define our brandWe at Kalpataru Prime provide a keen route in-demand spaces in major regions of Mumbai that startups or SMEs will be incapable of affording. This gives the entrepreneurs access to sorts of workplaces and areas they'd get an enjoyable way to operate out of.

Focus On Things That Matter To Their BusinessIn the event that you choose to lease your own particular office space, you're in charge of paying for utilities, stores. With Kalpataru Prime utilities, for example, water and the Internet are incorporated, as are different courtesies including food supplies. This lessens expenses and a portion of the subtle works you would need to handle from every day

Adaptability and ScalabilityMost co-working spaces offer month to month lock- ins, rather than traditional office spaces, which lock you for quite a long time or even years. Since you pay a month to month rentals for a shared office rather than a long haul rent, with us now you can appraise or downgrade the plans whenever necessary. On the prospect that your business grows or reduces, you can either take a gander at various options of reducing the seats or dedicated shared spaces.

Startup Connect and Networking Another real advantage of working at KALPATARU PRIME is that you impart your office space to similar business visionaries and innovators. The work culture and networking events help new businesses and developing organization's individuals from various foundations, to team up on a social platform empowering information sharing and best market practices.


  • KALPATARU PRIME incorporates Modern Building management system which ensures proper functioning of Air-conditioning, Ventilation, water supply Fire Arms, with upgraded security systems.
  • The building is designed to maximize the use of natural light which prevents the need for artificial lighting that saves around 20-25% of energy.
  • An efficient water treatment called SWRP has been utilized for conservation of water in every area of our office space. With magnificent furnishing makes working an alluring prospect. Ergonomic task seats, work areas functioned with coordinated effort and comfort, provides a motivation to use our space. We have added a perfect layout for our office space while offering perfect workplace for the individuals who need to concentrate on solo duties. With KALPATARU PRIME smaller companies or business group scan consider renting our office space. We are located at heart of Thane’s central business in Mumbai. With easy access to Thane Railway station, 2 km from Easter Express Highway and 1 km from Bus Depot, Public park, and hospital.